Wednesday, 20 May 2015

After an absurdly long transfer process, we purchased the plot and moved in.

Working my ass off is an understatement. I have lost 5kg since moving in, and my old friend sweat and I have become reacquainted intimately. Since I am a guy who will rather spend five minutes doing something myself than pay somebody a buck to do it for him, I suppose this was predictable.

Digging holes, mixing concrete, laying bricks, planting poles, stringing fences and razor wire up ... have all featured in the greatest hits parade of the daily chores.

Unfortunately this also means that the writing has suffered, and Martin Chalk is still in his home, knocking back the meals with his little band. I'd better hurry and write a few lines before he gets cholesterol poisoning.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I'm still alive

I'm still alive. One might not think so, looking at the desolation that is this blog, but I am.

I may as well put down the process  for writing new posts here:

1) Log into Google + (not entirely sure if this is necessary)
2) Go to Blogger
3) Go to New Post

For such a simple process, they really managed to make it tortuous.

So, for my hordes of readers anxious to know the latest exploits of their hero (lol) the question is begged: what have I been up to?

Sadly the truth is working at the factory, arriving home tired and disgruntled, and doing what the rest of the world does, goofing off in the evening until bedtime calls. (10 o'clock for yours truly). Fallout 3 with the Apocalypse Armoury mod is my poison of choice, and it's strangely soothing to traipse around a virtual wasteland, with nothing but a shotgun and Dogmeat's panting for company.

Oh, ok: I've not only been doing that.

I've been doing other things too, such as trying to make a set of custom knives and a gladius (since I can't afford to import a sweet, sweet Albion Swords model) and also a set of diy body armour, which while probably effective, is hideously ugly and hilariously uncomfortable.

But writing?

Have I been able to squeeze in a trickle of writing in between all the bric-a-brac of life?

Why, yes, I have. :) When the writing bug has you, its hard not to do anything.

I've fleshed out a large part of the plot of Tergin's Tale Book 2.

I've also plotted a five part series of novellas featuring a fellow called Martin Chalk, who is a rather different character from the somewhat rough and ready Tergin. I've long been a fan of Mr Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, and tried my hand at a fantasy version of a Sherlockian tale. Except for that Martin Chalk, while quite competent, is a little short of Mr Holmes' all-conquering skillset. I had in mind a gentler character, somebody resourceful, yet still human. The first novella, "The Underworld King" should be plopped onto Amazon fairly soon.

Anyway, that's all she wrote for now.

I should be, together with my GF, be taking transfer of a small plot of land in December, and I will pretty much be working my arse off for the next couple of months.

*Twirls cane, sweeps cape, bows*

Adieu, o multitudinous bots and web crawlers. ;)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Man from the Tower published

Yesterday I published The Man from the Tower on Amazon. Every time I read through the manuscript I get the urge to fiddle with it yet again ... but the story is 99.9% done. The time had come to bite the bullet and send it forth come what may. :)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

This blogger interface is the pits. One either has to be a genius or seven years old to be able to work it out. Since I am neither, I managed to make a series of edits to my profile instead of posts ... go figure. Be that as it may, here is the first link to some fiction:

Assuming that went well, the next step is to add it to some sort of sidebar.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

And so it begins ...

This blog is intended to be the reference point for my writing efforts. Somewhere where I can post about the progress of stories being written and the writing process itself. I'd also like it to be a repository of give-aways and short stories that will be given away for free to whoever wants them.

For example, while writing The Man from the Tower, I found that I had a lot of background information that was essentially a bunch of short stories in itself. Polishing some of those stories up has resulted in prequels to the Man from the Tower. They set the scene for the book, and also serve as advertisement and appetiser for it. They were also a lot of fun to write - bonus!

As soon as I master this accursed Blogger interface, those stories will be posted online for download.